Divico Security

Panel Industrialization


Alarm Panel Standardization

The condition of an alarm panel is a highly important factor when it comes to the timely detection of a technical issue or its effective maintenance. That is why Divico Security pays a lot of attention to detail and industrializes panels. More specifically, the panels are assembled according to international standards concerning electronic panels, in order to eliminate technical issues and increase the speed of troubleshooting at the lowest possible cost.


How it Works

Our commitment to upkeeping the highest of standards in our security systems can be traced in every assembly in our laboratories and installation at our clients’ premises, ensuring the highest possible reliability and the minimum number of technical issues and problems. Their industrially standardized manufacture does not leave any room for deficiencies and it is a great help to the installation engineers. At the same time, the client reaps the maximum benefits in terms of saving, reliability and security. The panels’ appearance, their industrially standardized manufacturing process, the excellent labeling of each part, wire or material with labels printed in indelible ink, all reflect DIVICO’s professionalism. We do not follow the usual unprofessional practices and ensure reliable performance with zero technical issues.


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